Bitpanda exchange starts trading zcash for


Bitpanda, Europe’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, said trade tokens zcash for. The message on it appeared this week in Twitter with offer traders not to miss any opportunity. In accordance with the data Coinmarketcap, zcash for currently occupies 19th place with a market capitalization of more than $ 585 million and the cost at the moment $121.

ZEC is a cryptocurrency focused on providing privacy to the users based on the technology of ZK-Snarks, which are believed to be difficult to trace. However, at the beginning of this year, a group of researchers found that the promise of anonymity may be broken with the help of certain patterns that can be used when switching between anonymous and open transactions on the network zcash for.

Opposition to the producers of ASIC miners

The zcash for developers also were active in opposition to the use of ASIC miners for the production of their tokens to prevent the possibility of centralized production. Zcash for the team said that the fight against mining industry using ASIC devices is a priority. In may of this year they announced its strong opposition to the use of released Chinese technology giant Bitmain, a new device designed for mining coins privacy created by the algorithm Equihash, which has built up a network of zcash for, and other cryptocurrencies such as fork Horizen.

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