Bitpico declares early for stress-testing network BCH


This Sunday the developers BCH reported on the upcoming stress tests of the Bitcoin network Cash that the community was going to be held in September this year, inviting to participate all comers.

However, according to an unknown developer Bitpico, or group of persons, who called themselves miners are outcasts, they have maliciously launched its own stress test, aimed at the destruction of the network BCH. According to the anonymous authors of the Bitpico, the attack has already begun and it will intensify, and they have the ability to hack the Bitcoin network Cash using their home-grown DDoS attacks that are incredibly powerful.

Last week representatives Bitpico said on Twitter about the intention to hack the network and to confirm showed a video with a code that scrolls a blue screen, claiming that the attack is launched and in the coming weeks will become much stronger:

“We expect that we will have 5 000 nodes attack Bcash after about 6 weeks, and then we will divide the chain.”

Attack Bitpico of Bitcoin Cash

Since Bitpico continue to publish information about how they will besiege the BCH network its power and malicious nodes. Of course, the BCH community believes that it’s just talk on Twitter and the usual shaking of the air, as there is a good reason not to take Bitpico seriously, because of his empty threats in the past. And the video with the scrolling blue screen, it is highly dubious argument.

Also Bitpico said gave an interview to Coindesk, holding a copy of the interview in Pastebin for all to see, but the publication it was published. In the copy it was noted that they intend to use all types of attacks from “low-level attacks TCP /IP to higher-level hacking of the Bitcoin Protocol to hold a number of pre-forked instances.

Doubt ambitious statements

Except for the loud statements, yet no one can find convincing evidence that confirm the words of Bitpico. And without evidence is nothing more than just words. The reason for mistrust is the relationship of the team with the fiasco Segwit2x. Supposedly the team was among the developers Segwit2x, and when this decision was reversed by Jeff garzik’s, they said that will still carry the fork, regardless, enjoy this community or not, claiming that they have enough capacity and that have 30% hesret.

“We do the fork, no matter what. Not to draw attention to the difficulties now is strategy,” said Bitpico.

And then, although many expressed doubts that a handful of an unknown miners to be able to continue something that worked big team.

Remembering the statements Bitpico last November, when nothing was done and 30% hesret failed with Segwit2x, many now doubt that a handful of people will be able to stop something that is not in their power.

Many supporters of the BCH believe that empty threats, no one confirmed 30% Hasrat and simple spam network hack impossible.

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