Bittrex announced the removal of Bitshares, Bitcoin, Gold and Bitcoin Private


In a recent announcement popular cryptome Bittrex announced that it would close wallets for Bitshares (BTS), Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and Private (BTCP).

None of these coins at this time is not trading on Bittrex, so users must remove their funds as soon as possible. Wallets will be closed Monday, November 5, 2018. Any assets left on the exchange after this date are unavailable. To output the remaining funds to open the Bittrex page and clicking “Wallets”, select “withdraw”.

Despite the fact that none of these coins does not have active markets on Bittrex and users can trade these coins on the platform, until now, traders were allowed to keep their coins on the exchange.

Bittrex doesn’t want to risk it

It may seem odd that Bittrex is not carrying on a trade given cryptocurrency on their exchange, given that BTG and BTS included in the top 50 by market capitalization and are listed on other major exchanges such as Binance. However, problems with these tokens more than eloquently explain why Bittrex doesn’t support them.

Bitcoin Gold initially suffered from one of the largest 51% of the total attacks in the history of cryptocurrency and it happened on Bittrex. After the attack, the exchange has asked BTG to recover money that it lost during the break-in. Team BTG refused and so her tokens were removed.

BitShares was eliminated in 2017, since, according to Bittrex, the launch of the BTS site was too complicated and not worth the operating costs. The exchange was never trade pairs with Bitcoin are Private, and cryptocurrency was immediately handed over to the owners of BTC back in February 2018 because Bittrex has allowed BTC holders to get their BTCP after the fork.

It should be noted that this is another announcement about removing tokens on Bittrex. Since, according to earlier statement on Bittrex 19 October 2018 will be delestrogen Auroracoin (AUR), Bytecent (BYC), Credibit (CRB), OMNI and Spreadcoin (SPR).

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