Bittrex has disabled all user accounts in new York


The crypto currency exchange Bittrex now officially available for clients from new York, their accounts closed and assets that users do not have time to withdraw, can not be reversed.

Bittrex has officially become unavailable for the customers from new York beginning June 9, although the announcement that the closing will happen, it was made 2 months ago on the support page of the exchange. However, as it turned out, many users didn’t even know about it, and considered such actions of deceit.

One of the users wrote an indignant comment about it on Reddit:

“So, you said you had the money to Bittrex, and now today they are unavailable. Why was it necessary to keep my money, to then make them unavailable? Bittrex removes the account and new users in 3 hours. Hurry to take money!”.

Another user also posted the warning, said that many people just don’t know about it, and he just saved my friend $40 000.

A denial Regulations

Recall that this step Bittrex was forced to go after the Department of financial services of new York (NYDFS) previously rejected the application of the exchange on receipt of Regulations.

“The failure in obtaining the NYDFS Regulations for Bittrex requires us immediate suspension of all operations in the state. The NYDFS decision applies only to new York state and is not a limitation of any other region in the United States or abroad”, — stated in the message.

Thus, without a license, the exchange shall not continue to provide services in the state of new York.

“We regret to inform you that Bittrex will cease all operations for the people of new York. All sales to new York customers will be terminated on 11 April 2019 at the end of working day (COB), and all access accounts will be disabled from 9 June 2019,” said the team.

Just a couple of days ago, the exchange also announced a change in services for clients in Seattle (USA), this time in the framework of efforts to comply with the regulatory rules.

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