Bittrex has introduced its own platform for the initial proposal tokens


Based in Malta, a new division of the company Bittrex platform Bittrex International created by analogy with Binance Launchpad is planning to sell tokens, called Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

Bittrex International, according to the statement, is a safe and secure platform for trading digital tokens built on the basis of leading American crypto currency exchange Bittrex, which for example Binance, has announced its own exclusive platform for the sale of tokens.

The first launch of licensee on the new platform

The first sentence will be selling tokens South Korean startup RAID, which works closely with a leading company to develop gaming applications OP.GG. The company provided Bittrex International 17 billion private token XRD for conducting the IEO, which will begin at 10:00 (KST) on March 15.

According to an announcement Bittrex International, “the number of tokens for sale during IEO, subject to reaching the hard limit will be 17% of the total XRD. The value of each coin XRD will be 0,00000010 BTC. The minimum purchase amount will be $10.5, and the maximum is $20 000. In particular, Bitcoin (BTC) is the only cryptocurrency that Bittrex International takes to buy is compatible with ERC20 token XRD.

According to the road map project, RAID plans to launch its network in June of this year. After that, the RAID team will take XRD with chains on their own Ethereum blockchain RAID.

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