Brazilian investment cryptopleura Quantum Atlas reported the hacking


Brazilian investment cryptocurrency platform Quantum Atlas said about hacking and compromise of personal data over 261,000 users.

Hacking the company discovered on Saturday, but the official confirmation of the incident was published later, which noted that hackers have managed to steal Bitcoins. Was compromised only the user database and passwords and secret keys remain secure.

Representatives of Atlas Quantum noted that during the investigation of the incident, they disabled some features of the platform to control the compromised accounts to provide additional protection against fraud. While the investigation has not determined whether the break-in of an external intrusion by hackers, or malfunction of internal security.

Web site which deals with the registration and investigation of such cases of data breaches reported that the attack affected approximately 261 000 customers platform. Compromised accounts are the names, phone numbers, email addresses and account balances of users.

The platform remains attractive target for hackers

Atlas Quantum is an investment and trading platform, which manages assets of more than $27 million, allowing customers to add Bitcoin (BTC) in your account to buy and sell at different cryptomeria to realise profits through price changes and differences in exchange rates.

Platform Bancor, one of the largest decentralized exchanges, also became the victim of a hacker attack last month. Tokens in the amount of $23,5 was stolen from smart contracts on the network. Later, the company has created a Crypto Defenders in the fight against cybercrime for the joint solution of these problems.

Recently, a Polish crypto currency exchange Coinroom noted the violation at the domain level, when hackers tried to hack the platform to get to user tools. On the application of a crypto currency exchange in the course of this hacker attack nobody suffered.

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