Calvin Eyre said about gaining control over the world’s largest mining company


Bitcoin SV (BSV) and supporter of Calvin Eyre was the center of attention in the recent past, mainly due to the controversies surrounding the cryptocurrency has risen to 8th place in the ranking of Coinmarketcap. One of the main supporters of the odious Craig Wright and cryptocurrency BSV, Calvin Ayr, was once again in the spotlight after signing a partnership with Squire Mining, based in Vancouver mining firm.

In a statement, representatives of Squire Mining Ltd says:

“We are pleased to announce the conclusion of a written agreement with Calvin Ayre, and companies Cunning Hams Tansley Limited and Equipment Limited on the direct or indirect purchase of all issued and outstanding shares of four corporations: Cunning Hams, Tansley, Woodland Technology Group Inc and Laser Lollipop Limited, which own and manage the base of cloud computing in Canada, USA and China with a volume of approximately 2985 peaches”.

The goal of the partnership

Calvin Air will be transferred to 80 million common shares. According to the release, the partnership aims to build the largest public mining company.

In Mining Squire said that the partnership is a way to diversify their activities, to add to her income from the operations of cloud computing and to build a solid Foundation for sustainable growth and profit. Mining company stated that it supports the cryptocurrency BSV, which is aimed at scaling the blockchain, considering it an important aspect of the “interrelated whole Bitcoin ecosystem”.

Eyre took the opportunity to inform the partnership on Twitter, napisal:

“I now control the largest public mining company is mining #Bitcoin in the world, and it is aimed at the protection of mining, in our understanding, by advancing the world to a massive scale and adoption #BSV. Expect to see me more often in the Business news.”

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