Calvin Ira said that his team does not claim the name Bitcoin Cash


A supporter of Bitcoin SV, Calvin Ira published in the news newspaper CoinGeek a statement in which he noted that he supports Bitcoin, and the SV team are not interested in the struggle for the name “Bitcoin Cash”.

“We don’t want the name Bitcoin Cash or BCH was awarded to us, SV Bitcoin is a genuine Bitcoin, not Bitcoin fork Cash”, — stated in the article.

In its statement the Ira said that the final separation of the circuits would be beneficial for both parties:

“From the moment when the network is divided, we’re continuing with the FAA to divide the circuit, providing protection to play and both sides promised to go to win. Bitcoin will now live in SV and Bitcoin will finally be able to demonstrate the true power of the original economic model. Similarly, ABC will be able to join the rest of the new models network with your tokens, to demonstrate that, in their opinion, they can do. The model will then be able to fully compete in the market, and this will allow the actual users to make their own choice.”

Everyone can go his own way

He also noted that the final separation of the circuits will allow each to “focus on his visions of the future and to get rid of this wasteful competition.”

Bitcoin Cash today once again declined, falling almost 18% of the cost, and dropping to a lower position, losing fourth place EOS.

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