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Yesterday there was a message on the resignation of technical Director of Tron, Lucien Chen, who, as stated, was the co-founder of the project. According to the report, Chen said that left Tron due to the lack of decentralization of the network and intends to create a “new Tron” to remain faithful to the principles of decentralization.

The team project Tron (TRX) has published the official comments to avoid misunderstandings among members of the community, and to discover the true facts of what caused the departure of technical Director Lucien Chen.

It is reported that technical Director Chen had not left voluntarily resign and was fired along with two other employees on suspicion of fraud indictment and the necessary documents have been transferred to judicial organs.

Statement By Chen

Former technical Director, who is currently working on a project Network Volume (VOL), said that in its present form the Tron project is just a fabrication of the original TRON, turned into a financial instrument without any spirit of decentralization.

“The spirit of the blockchain is decentralized, and the TRON project is centralized. The distribution of tokens is centralized, superpractical centralized, development of the code centralized. Even the community is organised in terms of centralisation. There is no diversity of voices in the ecosystem of TRON,” said Chen.

Accusations of theft and fraud

Behind the development of blockchain Tron governing body of the Tron project Foundation, gave on Reddit’s official response to the statement of Lucien Chen’s resignation.

First, the Tron representative of the Foundation explained that a former employee of Chen and other two — John. Zhu and X. Xie, not resigned, and was dismissed in January 2019.

The security Department of the project reported that all three were fired for illegal actions that border on “alleged misappropriation of funds, bribery and competition violations, theft of trade secrets and intellectual property.”

Tron Foundation pointed out that the offender has violated corporate policy and the laws of the organization, therefore all necessary documents and materials concerning the case were transferred to judicial organs.

Secondly, it is indicated that Chen joined TRON as a technical Director and was a co-founder.

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