CEO Messari: Ethereum will not go to the PoS until 2021


The head of the crypto-Messari research firm believes that the update is using the Ethereum proof PoS is unlikely to happen in the next year. Speaking at the event Ethereal Summit ConsenSys, Ryan Selkis said that the transition will occur no earlier than 2021.

Although in recent years the developers of Ethereum has completed a number of significant upgrades the most significant change for Ethereum 2.0 will be the transition from PoW to proof system PoS. In their numerous statements, the first transition matching algorithm PoS could be completed by the end of June, and has already started early tests of the test block of the network.

Optimists and pessimists: who’s right?

Selkis less optimistic about the time period when you will go to PoS, stating that a change in Protocol, there are still significant risks to the network. The current PoW system is “probably pretty well tested, and might even be very well tested”, whereas the protocols PoS basically not been studied. EOS cryptocurrency whose network was officially launched in early 2018, is the only major cryptsetup working with PoS Protocol.

The transition to PoS is designed to address the major problems of scalability of Ethereum, and to ensure greater security. It will also provide a significant improvement compared to PoW, from the point of view of efficiency, as it does not require the use of miners.

Who is really the most suitable to forecast the timing of the upgrading of Ethereum, we have yet to see, but previously its leading experts repeatedly been criticized for slow implementation of updates.

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