CEO of BitMEX believes the real growth of Bitcoin since it fell below $7000


CEO and co-founder of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes says that the bullish trend for Bitcoin is very real, despite the stagnation of the market is currently at around $8,000. He noted that Bitcoin may have to fall below $7000, before rebound to $8000, then the leading cryptocurrency will begin to rise.

According to Hayes, Bitcoin may fall below $7000 “for a few days.” Currently the cost of BTC is $7719. This means that it may take some time before scriptactive fall below $7000, although the movement of the stock market can be very unpredictable. If it starts to decrease to a specified level, this can provide an opportunity for individual investors to buy Bitcoin at a lower price to participate in further bullish run. Hayes is confident that Bitcoin will overcome the mark of $8,000 and go higher, but the rest is unpredictable.

Whether I agree with this opinion

Head of Fundstrat Tom Lee confirmed several times that the bull market started the movement and continues to work. He still believes that crypto-winter is over and asset growth is already close. He said that Arthur Hayes knows what he says, because of the exchange have complete knowledge of the positioning and behavior of captainvalor and most of the trading testifies to this.

Lee is one of the best bitcoin analysts in the industry and its bullish sentiment is based on data and not on speculation. As head of research at Fundstrat, he used a lot of indicators, such as Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI) to prove that the leading cryptocurrency will soon show bullish trend.

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