CEO OKEx argues that it is possible to put an end to bear market


Head OKEx, Tim Byung, in his interview with Investinblockchain, answered some burning questions regarding the current state of the cryptocurrency market. In one of the replies he expressed his opinion about the ongoing kryptonite, saying:

“We are in a bear market, and recently there have been steep correction, which reminds me of the dot-com collapse of 2000. I am confident that we will emerge from this bear market with innovative companies that will lead the promotion of digital assets and innovative Internet services, including e-Commerce and social networking of the Internet age after the year 2000”.

The future looks bright

It goes without saying that predictions on the market scriptaction are not something special and completely authentic, often coinciding only occasionally, and in most cases, proving totally incorrect. However, there is a growing consensus that security tokens and stabilini will be an important part of the ecosystem in 2019.

However, Byung, recognizing the growing interest in security tokens sees the driving force that can bring real change, in creating a potentially powerful project that is able to create a worthy competition to such platforms as Google and Facebook, in terms of scale and services.

He says:

“It will not be security tokens, which are simply assets secured by securities, like traditional assets (even if this can be exciting and profitable for wall street, including as an excellent opportunity, especially for obligations under the secured debt). I guess we will see how a few good projects will advance to the main network and show clear use cases that can be revolutionary, as a service like Google Search or innovative, as, for example, a service such as Facebook. We have yet to see cryptoamnesia, equivalent to the capacity of Google and Facebook, and it soon”.

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