Chainalysis: 64% hackers launder income cryptomeria


The U.S.-based cyber security company Chainalysis claims that 64% of extortionists trying to use the strategy of money-laundering, received as a result of cyber attacks, via cryptocurrency exchanges. The data were announced at the webinar Chainalysis.

The meaning of the attack of the virus-the extortioner is infected the victim’s computer malware ransom often demanded in the cryptocurrency. Money is required in exchange for unlocking the devices so that the user can access the data.

Features of washout schemes

Chainalysis provides tools for the analysis of the block chain, enabling governments, businesses and law enforcement agencies to track suspicious transactions in the blockchain and prevent illegal actions. Upon request of specialists, 64% of criminals involved in extortion, launder their money obtained by illegal means, through crypto currency exchange.

Chainalysis managed to identify 38 of the exchanges, without disclosing their names, which are directly siphoned funds from the addresses associated with the attack of ransomware.

Among other strategies, withdrawals by hackers, 12% are linked to service mixers, and 6% with peer-to-peer platforms. The share of merchant service providers and sites of darknet accounts for 9%. Part of the extortion of funds remains unspent.

In Chainalysis also noted that attacks virus-ransomware typically do not contain complex patterns of withdrawal in comparison to hacker attacks. According to experts, due to the fact that as a result of the hack, often abducted large amounts of money that attracts unwanted attention, so hackers more carefully you have to hide the movement of funds.

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