Chinese sixty-year old grandmother was convicted for the theft of electricity at Bitcoin mining


In the Chinese city of Tangshan, Hebei province, people’s court sentenced 61-year-old woman to prison for theft of energy for Bitcoin mining.

It should be noted that sentenced Tang Kupin, education is only high school. Now the woman is sentenced to a term of imprisonment of four months, and fined 10,000 yuan (about $1450) for his crime.

Division of Tangshan Power Supply Company of the company Minbei Electric Power Co Ltd. in October last year filed a court case against Tang Cupin theft 17277,6 kWh of electricity in the amount of 8984,35 yuan ($1300) in the period from 11 January to 2 October 2018.

According to the report, 61-year-old grandmother admitted that the accusation is true, when the police summoned her for trial.

Tang Cupin used the electricity to run four devices for Bitcoin mining. Its profits amounted to 6500 yuan ($940), although it managed to sell some Bitcoins before the arrest.

The problem with mining

Her family offered to reimburse 6500 yuan of income and to pay them as compensation to the state Treasury, expressing regret about the actions of the grandmother.

Although ownership of Bitcoin, as well as shipment and receipt of cryptocurrency in China is still legal, it is illegal theft of energy to work mining devices.

Tang Kupin not the first person convicted of illegal mining of Bitcoins in China. According to the report submitted earlier this month, China is considering a complete ban of operations for mining Bitcoins in the country, due to large energy losses.

This move from China is understandable, given that the country still depends mainly on electricity generated from coal mining. However, some countries are currently implementing the use of renewable sources of energy for their mining works to alleviate problems such as global warming, climate change, electronic waste, and others.

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