Chinese Tencent Security warned about the bug in network NEO


Chinese Joint Tencent Security Lab warns users about a potential bug in the code of the blockchain NEO that allowed hackers to steal the token remotely, even with networks built on its base. The vulnerability affects popular tokens (GAS).

In the popular micro-blog on Weibo, the team wrote that the monitoring of blockchain project NEO identified a bug that opens remote access to hackers. When a user launches network node NEO with the default configuration and opens the wallet, digital currency can be stolen remotely.

Tencent Security Lab Zhanyi presented a warning to the developer community NEO and reminded the owners of NEO nodes and token holders, to pay attention to the safety of the purse, and timely updating the client version.

Cybersecurity experts Tencent made recommendations to the NEO community on how to avoid attacks and proposed preventive measures to the inadmissibility of the theft of their token.

Chinese Ethereum

The nickname “Chinese Ethereum”, cryptocurrency NEO received as it is considered a next-generation network. The aim of the project is the creation of digital assets and automation of management processes, using smart contracts. Blockchain technology allows you to create a decentralized network, a secure, transparent and free from middlemen.

Currently, NEO takes the 17th place in the ranking of Coinmarketcap, with a market capitalization of $528 million and the estimated $of 5.81 for the token. At the peak of the rise of the cryptocurrency market in December last year NEO was worth $191, which has led many capturadora to the idea that it was the biggest shock to ban cryptocurrency in China.

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