Co-founder of TenX sold 2.2 million token PAY


Today was published the assumption that the co-founder of TenX, Julian Hosp, sold more than 2.2 million token PAY in the last two weeks. After analyzing the situation, many sources came to the conclusion that it might be true.

Especially because today TenX himself Hosp has announced his departure from the company, but the reasons were not named.

The main evidence is that the funds were sold with addresses belonging to the Hosp, one of which he received monthly 6 250 tokens PAY from TenX.

Selling through Bittrex

In the last 15 days on Bittrex Deposit address was sent to more than 2.22 million token PAY with addresses allegedly belonging to the Hosp. Approximately 1.5 million token PAY was implemented five days before the latest snapshot TenX, and the rest were sent after.

According to CoinMarketCap, the value of the token PAY was severely damaged after 30 December 2018, down from $0.41 to $0.26 per dollar. As of today the cost is $0,20.

It seems that the first batch of tokens, means were directly owned by the co-founder and the second sold after the picture was a co-founder of salary or benefits.

At this time the official comments from the team TenX and HSPA not been reported.

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