Coinbase adds the zcash for the retail trading platform


The American crypto currency exchange Coinbase previously expressed support for zcash for confidential cryptocurrency on their professional trading platform. The exchange explained that access to the coin you will receive only residents of the United States (except new York), UK, European Union, Canada, Singapore and Australia. Coinbase now has an opportunity to trade for their zcash for the retail customers.

Zcash for is a digital currency, built on a decentralized block chain, aimed at a high degree of anonymity. It uses the features of cryptography, provide a high level of privacy for users.

Coinbase added zcash for for and in app on Android and iOS for exchange. With the new modifications to retail customers Coinbase is available for the purchase, sale, sending, as well as the input and storage of ZEC.

Features kriptoloji tokens ZEC on Coinbase

Coinbase explained in Appendix zcash for, and the principle of operation of users with coins: “Initially, customers will be able send to Coinbase ZEC with transparent and anonymous addresses, but only for transparent address Coinbase. In the future we will look at support sending ZEC to anonymous addresses in those countries where it complies with the local laws”.

The founder of the zcash for, Zuko Wilcox, was positive about the support Coinbase, coins their privacy, despite the many arguments used by opponents of anonymity. Wilcox said: “as soon as kriptonyte Matures, we believe that the protection of confidentiality will be guaranteed to be supported by most exchanges, governments and other financial institutions, which will lead to widespread adoption zcash for”.

Additionally, representatives noted that at the initial stage to retail customers from the UK and new York will not provide services for trading zcash for, and that for these jurisdictions, these options might be presented later.

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