Coinbase is among the best U.S. employers, according to LinkedIn


Coinbase, despite the hard times experienced by cryptomnesia has become one of the 50 best employers in the U.S., ahead of investment banking giant JP Morgan.

In the published chief editor of LinkedIn, Daniel Roth, official results, Coinbase is on the 35th position in restigne, ahead of such popular companies like Twitter, Intel, GE, JP Morgan, Nike, and others.

The ranking is based on factors such as the demand for available jobs, interest in the company, employees involvement on the part of leaders and the level of staff retention.

Over the past year, Coinbase has strengthened its position by expanding the range of services. In addition, the company has made particular efforts to attract large traders and institutional players to participate in cryptoforge. Thus, the company took the staff in the field of IT, engineering specialists and management staff. LinkedIn results show that staff Coinbase is 600 people in the US alone.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency penetrate the sphere of international Finance

In addition, promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies, Coinbase allows its employees to partially or fully receive a salary in Bitcoin, which was used by more than 40% of employees. In addition, the company granted employee benefits as part of their strategy to increase their interest.

In September 2018, Coinbase also made the list for the top 50 startups on the version of LinkedIn, which also includes other startups such as Ripple and Gemini.

In the last few years, the blockchain-industry was the most prosperous industry is attracting huge talent. Given the high level of employment in American companies was 1775 vacancies on places associated with bloccano. Of these, 80% of jobs were concentrated in the 15 largest American cities.

Recent ratings show that the blockchain and cryptocurrency, of course, increasingly penetrate into the sphere of international Finance. The LinkedIn report shows that key positions for hire at JP Morgan include engineering, Finance and business development. The banking giant is also preparing for a massive hiring engineers, setting aside a whopping $10.8 billion.

In February 2019 JP Morgan also announced its new cryptocurrency Coin JPM developed for calculations with the international monetary funds among its institutional clients. It is assumed that JPM Coin will likely appear this year.

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