Coinbase will allow its European customers to withdraw funds to PayPal


Coinbase customers living in European Union countries, will now be able to withdraw funds to their accounts in PayPal.

The crypto currency exchange Coinbase is constantly updating its service to customers. After yesterday’s announcement about adding Bitcoin to your application for purses, they also add a new possibility to withdraw funds to clients from European Union countries.

Now users of the aforementioned regions will be able to withdraw your funds in PayPal using a service that was previously available only for clients from USA and UK.

New opportunities for European users

One of the employees of Coinbase, Allen Osgood said:

“To add PayPal, UK Faster Payments and SEPA was the only withdrawal options for customers from European countries. Part of our commitment to be the most safe and easy platform is to support the convenient transfer options for our customers around the world. As one of the most simple and widely used payment platforms in the world, with the addition of PayPal for customers from Europe, we offer another great option for withdrawal of funds”.

The giant of online payments service even more was open for cryptocurrencies, according to the latest statement at the world economic forum in Davos in 2019, where the co-founder of PayPal, Luke Nosek, praised Bitcoin and other cryptoprocta because they “found a time, do not hesitate to build the right thing before to achieve universal adoption.”

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