Coincheck has received a license from the Japanese FSA


Cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, a victim of hacking, has received a license to operate from the Japanese financial services Agency.

After the January challenges last year, when as a result of hacking on the crypto currency exchange by hackers was stolen cryptocurrency NEM, approximately $534 million in January 2019, the firm was again able to start their activities and to obtain a license, signed by the Japanese financial services Agency (FSA), in accordance with the report published on January 11.

Since then, her representatives it is hoped that the license FSA will restore public confidence in their services and will allow it to again become profitable.

After hacking 26 January 2018 Coincheck has suspended the processing of orders on the platform and held a formal press conference to explain the nature of the attack and to announce the decision on the best way out of the situation. The exchange received an order to improve security and eliminate other problems.

Steps to revival CoinCheck after hacking

In February, the exchange has resumed withdrawals in Japanese yen (JPY), gradually adding the translation and selling of the cryptocurrency from March to June of this year.

In April, the company was purchased by Monex Group for $33.5 million, which helped to increase its activity in the third quarter. In October by submitting an application for renewal of a license Coincheck has renewed “opening new accounts”, and began taking deposits from customers for purchase of the main cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. In November support was added NEM (XEM), and subsequently reentered buying XRP and FCT on the exchange.

Obtaining a license from the regulator will increase efforts Coincheck undertaken in the last twelve months for a full return to business.

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