Coinify is rebranding its trading platform and adds BCH


Coinify, the payment service provider from Copenhagen, has announced the addition of three new virtual currencies into its payment platform. Now users will be able to buy BCH and altcoins XLM and BSV directly, paying through Bank transfer or credit card.

In a statement dated February 11, co-founder and CEO of Coinify, Mark Højgaard said that the newly added coins, which trade will begin tomorrow, was part of plans to support a total of 15 digital asset by the end of this year.

Now users can buy BCH, XLM or BSV without having to first purchase BTC, which also meets the aspiration Coinify to improve cryptopedia. The platform shows great interest in assets which demonstrate the tangible vitality as a means of payment, and assets “with a strong community that supports the use of coins.” Cash in BCH provide one of the most effective, fast and cheap payment methods in the financial sector, with an average Commission in a cent for any conversion value.

Rebranded trading platform Mycoinify

The company renamed its own trading platform with a “Buy and Sel” in “Mycoinify”. Rebranding is a part of the Coinify payment and proposals for the various service packages for business and Mycoinify, which is B2C-system for individuals.

According to the head of Department on payment solutions in Coinify, Mycoinify will continue to focus on end-users, providing them with “a simple and flexible platform” to buy more virtual currency. The service also reduces the barriers to entry in cryptoprocessor as “not dependent on the wallet, so users can store virtual currency of their choice”.

Platform Coinify, Eye support Nordic Venture Capital, Seed Capital Denmark and SEB Venture, offering two-way conversion of virtual currency for legal entities and individuals.

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