Coinsquare and DLTA 21 have joined forces to launch crypto currency exchange in Japan


Canadian crypto currency exchange Coinsquare and international investment Bank DLTa 21 Blockchain Corp, announced a strategic partnership to launch a centralized cryptocurrency trading platform to customers in Japan.

The crypto currency exchange will be called DLTa21X and will begin work after receiving the necessary permission from the Japanese regulator.

B. Matthew Hornor, Executive Director DLTa21, said:

“We look forward to working with Coinsquare as a strategic partner to create the platform to trade digital currencies in Japan, since the majority of global trade transactions in Bitcoin have on Japan. DLTa21 undertakes to offer to its potential buyers of services exchange of currencies with a real world solutions in the sphere of security.”

Cole diamond, Executive Director, Coinsquare, commented:

“I am delighted with this historic step for Coinsquare. Japan — a fascinating next stage in the mission Coinsquare. This is a unique market and we look forward to the opportunity to offer the services of our platform for Japanese consumers”

Promotion to Asian markets

Japan will be the first country to cryptobiina DLTa21X in the region, however, the company expressed the desire to enter other Asian markets.

Additionally, a statement was issued about obtaining Coinsquare license, which allows us to offer the digital currency domestic and international companies.

In Canada Coinsquare Licensing partnerships with the industry, offering solutions API, allowing easy integration into new or existing applications and at the international level. Coinsquare Licensing has also partnered with international companies to launch white-labell platform, focused on individual markets and the needs of their customers.

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