Court claim for $152 million to startup Augur satisfied


In April, former team member has taken ill Augur a legal attack on his former four companions, claiming that they were all involved in fraud, breach of contract and theft of funds.

Matthew Liston filed a lawsuit in the amount of $152 million against the co-founders of the project Augur Jack Peterson, Joseph Charles king and Jeremy Gardner, as well as the main investor Joseph Ball Costello, what was the most expensive demand, which has seen cryptologist before that date.

Liston claimed that he was forcibly expelled from the company and the project, his work of SEO was not paid and was not recognized by his role as co-founder. He accused the leaders of the project in the freezing of their shares from the original proposal of tokens, which grossed $5.3 million.

The termination of the trial

Based on the latest documents available to the court of the County of San Francisco, California, was filed Liston on October 12, on the termination of the trial and acquittal. According to the court decision, the case withdrawn, and this seems to have happened after the law firm, Balloun Law to represent him, asked Liston to stop the trial.

Earlier in court documents it was noted that lawyers Liston negotiated with the accused outside the court:

“… the parties reached a fundamental settlement, and shall make every effort to complete the procedure of signing of a written settlement agreement”.

None of the parties has not responded to media requests submitted after the publication of the document on the termination of the case.

Liston still considers himself a co-founder of Augur

Despite the fact that the case was dismissed, and conducted private negotiations, Liston still sets himself as the CEO and co-founder of Augur in their profiles in social networks. However, the official web site and the technical document of the company do not contain anywhere mention Listone.

However, Liston continued to be active in the blockchain industry, offering strategic assistance Gnosis Limited, decentralized platform for prediction markets that has attracted $ 12 million in funding and has similarities with the Augur. He also worked as an Advisor of strategy at ConsenSys, the company-software developer for blockchain projects.

In response to numerous media inquiries and Forbes, Liston said that he refused to comment on the situation, but confirmed that the parties came to an agreement.

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