Craig Wright said 666 on filing patent applications for the blockchain


Craig Wright and his firm Nchain Holdings, they claim, have filed a total of 666 patents at the moment with great pomp informing.

Craig Wright, whose cryptosuite firmly attached the nickname “Faketoshi” for his constant allegations that he is the Creator of Bitcoin is in the relatively low level of trust in Cryptoprotected. Although his claims have repeatedly been debunked and proven that he is lying, Craig keeps trying actively to assert themselves in the blockchain space.

According to published reports, the company Nchain Holdings, has now decided to actively engage in patenting and has applied to receive 666 patents for virtual currency and blockchain technology. Reaching a symbolic combination of numbers 666, Craig Wright proudly announced his next “feat” of the world.

WIPO denies pretentious statements by Craig Wright

Executive Director Nchain Jimmy Nguyen also affirmed on submission of 666 patents:

“In fact, Craig Wright and company Nchain so many patent applications that we have now reached a sinister level, last month filed a patent application No. 666 — that’s right – this is a symbolic number of Satan himself”.

666 may seem to some to be and the magic number, but such statements have prompted the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) to investigate claims Nchain. According to the investigation report conducted by WIPO from August 2017, the company Nchain filed in total, about 155 of patent applications.

General list of patents is quite high by any standards and it looks rather strange, given the fact that Nchain is a relatively little known company, even in the blockchain space. The number of filed patents by a lot more than most large financially stable companies such as Bank of America, Alibaba, IBM, Mastercard and Accenture.

Another fraud scammer

Nchain have applied for patents through different organizations and countries, and its applications can be found in USA, UK, Japan and China. Some of the most notable applications filed to protect the intellectual property rights relate to, for example, the counting system of the blockchain and the use of methods for secure voting, and many others, with the mention of the word blockchain.

Approval Nchain, their patent war was started after MasterCard has acquired the patent to facilitate anonymous crypto-transactions, and they were forced to enter into the process of patenting because they did not want to make the technology open source was controlled by traditional giants. However, such zeal for patents is more similar to that odious Craig Wright, without making any outstanding achievements in the technology of the blockchain, trying once again to take the opening, from patented as its own.

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