Craig Wright threatened to send Bitcoin to zero and each fake “Satoshi” in prison


Farce of Craig Wright’s claims on the status of the real Creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, has moved into a new phase of development as a self-proclaimed “Creator” brought in a new last threat in his blog, composing a message to 3000 words.

In his post he stated that it is the sole responsibility of tracking each false “Satoshi” in Cryptoprotected to prove that he is the real Creator of the first cryptocurrencies. He also said that BTC will go to zero, and its indispensable BSV will rule cryptodira.

Claim statements

According to this message, and now Australian entrepreneur whose antics in the crypto-space has attracted considerable attention, especially in connection with his statements that he is the real Satoshi, is obligated to chase everyone who tries to create his competition, claiming the laurels of Satoshi and forced to publicly admit the fraud and an apology.

In their controversial claims, he said:

“If you want to pretend to be Satoshi, I’ll see you in jail. I have a requirement to admit that I’m Satoshi, and I have created a white paper. I filed this under oath and swore to in court. If it turns out that I’m lying, I’m facing 20 years in prison. But the fact that this will never happen, because I’m the Creator of Bitcoin”.

He also stressed that he will not spare anyone who stands in his way and the proof is ready to challenge anyone who thinks otherwise and meet him in court.

In his statement, he said:

“We need to teach everyone a lesson by the example of cryptophagidae Peter McCormack, no matter how sad were its consequences, for the foolish statements. People learn not to lie, cheat and defame others without consequence.”

The threat of a collapse of BTC

Finally, he noted that BTC moves to zero, and he created the BSV, is a real Bitcoin. He warned supporters of the BTC, which should now withdraw from BTC, because when it gets close to zero, “it will be too late. You will not receive notification of the end. You will Wake up one day and BTC will trade at zero.”

While these hopes are the next feeding grew to epic proportions of self-importance to Wright, who is the majority in cryptosuite calls Faketoshi. Given that his side was not given even a single real evidence that he is the Creator of Bitcoin, and interest in the BSV token supported solely by such controversial statements, it will be very interesting to see real development. There is a high probability that this is another attempt odious businessman to attract attention.

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