Critical error on the network TRON could destroy him blockchain


Recently discovered a critical error TRON could lead to failure of the blockchain worth $1.6 billion, using only one computer, if the attackers used his resources to DDoS attacks.

According to the HackerOne, a potential DDoS attack on the blockchain TRON could absorb all of its resources or allow the attackers to deploy smart contracts that are loaded with malicious code.

It States:

“Using only one computer, the attacker can organize a DDOS attack on all or 51% of the network nodes and make the blockchain TRON unusable or unavailable.”

Researchers regularly identify vulnerabilities in many networks

This is not the first situation discovered a critical vulnerability in the network of the TRON project. As previously reported by the publication The Next Web, a vulnerability in the wallet TRON allowed to harm the network. The bug was first discovered on January 14, and Explorer, who discovered her, was rewarded with $1500.

The second award in the amount of $3100 was paid for the bug, although TRON Foundation did not disclose any details about it. Over time, the remuneration of HackerOne researchers have become the industry norm, and TRON Foundation has paid researchers $78 800 for 15 separate vulnerabilities. The largest amount of remuneration paid to TRON, made $10 000.

However, as the data show, not only the TRON project pays rewards for reports of bugs. Previously, Coinbase paid a hacker $30 000 for a critical vulnerability in the beginning of this year, but details about this vulnerability were not disclosed.

Such awards associated with the crypto-currency is a lucrative business. The data showed that the blockchain, the company has received “at least” 3,000 reports about vulnerabilities in the past year alone and paid them about $900 000 security researchers.

This year, the firm associated with bloccano, received 43 of the report about the vulnerabilities. Some of them were discovered in the largest cryptocurrency networks, including Brave, EOS and Monero.

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