Cryptocurrency Apollo (APL) showed a weekly rise of 418%


The extraordinary UPS and downs of prices in the stock market is not surprising, but when the coin has a mixed and troubled past, draws attention to the huge rise, this fact can not but cause concern in the community.

It seems that a similar situation happens with cryptocurrency Apollo (APL), which last year caused controversy about the validity of its growth, and this week she once again soared over 400%, which caused a lot of questions.

Apollo – strong allcoin or crazy Sitchin?

Since its founding in 2017, Apollo claimed the title of innovative project that will play an important role in shaping the future of decentralized crypto-currencies while providing privacy. This coin, according to expectations, should combine many important characteristics of the various altcoins in one powerful currency.

Known cryptosuite advocate of privacy, John McAfee, has also repeatedly supported the coin, mentioning her in their tweets.

This friendliness has contributed to the addition of the Apollo hardware wallet Bitfi supported by McAfee.

Despite the fact that the project seems perfect for its stated core functions, offering great possibilities in improving security and privacy, the team of the project in social networks was put forward different claims, and many users have described the project as a fraud, and his token Shitcoin.

The attacks against the founder: Steve Mackall

The Crypto Gear media published an article, which contains very detailed information about the project and its shortcomings. In this paper, the study says:

“The founders of the project are doing everything possible to conceal his improper actions by removing their real names, in the hope that users will not understand that this group of people are willing to do anything to continue to deceive. Why do we as investors trust the words of people who are willing to manipulate data to lie to us? They seem to forget that the main reason for which was created by the blockchain is that it unchanged.”

One user on Reddit has provided its analysis of why he believes the project Apollo fraudulent. He noted that the founder of the project, Steve Mackall, has a questionable background:

“Steve Mackall has no degree and is constantly lying, changing your Linkedin profile, exaggerating their experience and create the impression that he has some knowledge of the technology of the blockchain, and that he was doing anything other than fraud in the past.”

Despite the fact that around Apollo so much dirt, it’s hard to say how much the project is really great, except for the data in its documentation. According to the researchers and the community, the growth of the Apollo token based only on the strategy of dump and pumps played out to deceive investors.

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