Cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) noted a 20% growth in the last day


After a long August month the cryptocurrency market gradually began to revive and today is a leader among altcoins became the cryptocurrency Verge (XVG).

Given last year’s statistics, we can assume that future months can be a very favorable time for some altcoins. Some investors do so by selecting certain coins to replenish its portfolio and starting to wait for the period of their growth. Now is the time for those who correctly identified opportunities and invested their money in Verge (XVG).

Recall that tokens XVG focused on privacy and propose the network of anonymous transactions, making it impossible to trace the IP address and geographic location of its users, no matter what tracking technology was used, including Tor and I2P.

The development of the project

It should be noted that the project team regularly publishes posts on Twitter and Telegram channel about their ongoing updates and changes.

Recently, the developers of Verge conducted a survey through its official entry in A … what is the next most important goal of the project. 48% of respondents stated that this new code base with RingCT (confidential transaction).

Working to ensure the secret keys in the Verge ecosystem is already underway. As noted by the developers, they’re going to set the format BIP39, which will allow users to recover private keys using secret combinations of words.

In the last 24 hours a couple XVG/USD received 29% of growth per night, making it one of the most successful in the growth rates to date. It seems that not only the speculative tendency of growth of interest of investors, but active work of the project team.

Team XVG actively promoting your token

In addition to listing on the European cryptopone Anycoin Direct paired XVG/EUR, the team also announced integration software Insight API, which makes scriptactive compatible with BitPay.

Recently, the platform for sports betting 1xBit added Verge (XVG) to your list of accepted tokens.

Yesterday afternoon selling XVG reached a day low of $0,015473 with a trading volume of slightly less than $10 million Next came a two-step surge, which ended with a peak of $0,020023 and the volume of trade rose to $37 million Later, the cost dropped to $0,019100, still leaving the coin with the largest market capitalization in net top 100.

The Verge team said on Twitter Friday night about adding a listing on Anycoin Direct, perhaps that is what provoked such an interest in alithinou.

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