CryptoKitties attracts venture capital funding


Dapper Labs, the company behind the hugely popular game CryptoKitties, managed to raise $15 million in a new round of financing, which was invested by the representatives of venture capital.

As reported today in the company, based in Vancouver, this round they have managed to obtain $15 million from large investors, which led the firm Venroc. Among other investors marked GV and Samsung NEXT. These investments increased the company’s valuation from the previous round in March almost doubled, reaching a total of 27.85 million Game intends to increase its popularity and user base.

In an interview, CEO of Dapper Roham Gharegozolou said:

“Everyone thought that CryptoKitties deals only with the purchase of cats, but this is only the first steps in a broader vision. We believe that the blockchain needs to change everyday lives of ordinary people. We see it as a new platform as a social network, or mobile phones as they were a few years ago.”

New perspectives for an old project

Game collecting cats built on the Ethereum blockchain, and at the time was incredibly popular. Now, with the funds received, it is planned to create a subsidiary in Los Angeles. These plans also include the development of new games and entertainment apps that will run on the blockchain.

Game CryptoKitties, was launched in late 2017, and since then did very well in attracting new players, promoting an offer to new regions.

David pakman, Venrock General partner, has published a message which said:

“This is an incredibly great opportunity, if we can deploy scheduled, it may become a new wave in the block chain, adopted by the consumers. Buying and cryptocurrency trading can be exciting for some, but scriptcollection promises to be not only profitable, but a nice hobby for all of us. Collecting interested sufficient number of people, collecting baseball cards, art, wine, trinkets, stamps. It is common, and is what gives perspective. This is the premise that they can become an effective platform for running multiple diverse digital collections.”

As noted in Venrock, this investment is a bet on the human desire to collect rare and valuable items, this time with the technology of the blockchain, that will be the natural evolution of the industry of collecting.

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