Cryptonote Twitter has reached epidemic proportions


One of the worst factors for supporters of the cryptocurrency industry has been the widespread emergence of fraudulent bots, which once in space Twitter quickly seized him.

Most social network users are already accustomed to the incessant scams with “Ethereum”, who use profiles of any prominent figures in cryptography to deceive unsuspecting users.

Today was published a new study of the firm Duo Security, dealing with cyber security, which shows how alarming proportions reached the problem of fraudulent cryptocurrency bots in Twitter, which web has at least 15 000 individual accounts. The researchers used special software to differentiate between real and bot accounts, and to classify crooks according to their preference choice of cryptocurrency. In total, there were 88 million verified accounts on Twitter, with the account created in the last 200 accounts to come to the conclusion that at least 15,000 were bots, intended directly for fraud with cryptocurrencies.

Scammers use well-known names

The study notes the nature of the malicious bot, based on the carelessness of users who are seeing the profile picture similar to the real accounts images, such as Binance or acne Buterin, easily maintained on the proposed fraud action.

The problem became so serious that the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin was forced to change his name to “Vitalik, not the dealer Ethereum”.

The majority of Twitter users have learned to recognize fraudulent bots, but not everyone is so lucky. In addition, the study showed that cryptonote hard mask their behavior, trying to avoid detection and removal, making efforts to identify account fraud difficult.

Twitter was not ready to effectively combat spam

Twitter, which has taken a tough stance against the cryptocurrency, issued a statement banning all advertisements related scriptactive, however, is in no hurry to solve the problem of fraudulent bots, despite the negative atmosphere that they create on the platform. Buterin, mocking cryptonote, called Jack Dorsey on behalf of the community of developers of Ethereum is to find and eradicate the problem. The head of Twitter said that they are already are working on the problem.

“Spam and some forms of automation, is contrary to the safety rules in Twitter. In many cases, the spam content is hidden in the Twitter software automatic detection and able to detect less than 5% of accounts on Twitter related to spamming”.

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