Cryptopia has prepared a new shock for their clients


Cryptopia after hacking was forced to cease operations and officially declare bankruptcy. However, this problem for its customers is not over. Cryptopia made another another mistake, which at the present time, the remaining funds can be returned to users.

After a break in January, the customers, of course, was concerned for the integrity of the funds and were able to breathe a sigh of relief when Cryptopia has reopened its activities. Unfortunately, the loss was too great, and this month the exchange was forced to announce the closure, creating some problems for users.

A series of continuous failures customers Cryptopia

However, as a new impact for the customers was that the company contracted to store user data, refused to cooperate until she is paid a considerable sum.

The problem arose due to the fact that Cryptopia decided to hire a third party company to store information about their 300 000 clients worrying about the security of their database. The services of this company are expensive and, given the circumstances of the bankruptcy, the exchange can no longer pay for storage.

Now she needs $2 million, and the company guardian refuses to provide customer data Cryptopia until then, until the debt is paid. Because of this, the liquidators are unable to obtain data no of customers and there is a risk that they may be destroyed forever. This situation has been called “potentially catastrophic for the liquidators and account holders” because customers now may never get their money back.

Previously, if clients bothered by uncertainty, which housed the company since the end of last June, now they have even greater cause for concern.

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