Dash Text successfully operating in Venezuela, despite the power outage


Team Dash Text SMS Dash noted that despite the constant power cuts that afflict Venezuela, their platform run smoothly.

This fact they noted on his official page on Twitter, writing:

“Our platform works well, despite a massive power outage in Venezuela. Use #DashText and pay using #Dash!”

Since last Thursday, that is March 7, 2019, residents witnessed a massive power outage across the country, in which even critical infrastructure such as hospitals, has been de-energized. The current disconnect is considered the most large-scale in recent decades. This led to a deepening of the crisis, the aggravation of economic hardship and turmoil affecting the country. The power crisis has caused serious damage to Internet service, and lack of access to the Internet payment services, including bitcoin, are ineffective.

Digital assets maintain reliability and crisis

However, Dash Text could continue to provide services despite power outages, which allowed Venezuelans to continue to send and receive money both domestically and abroad. The team also recorded a video about the successful use of the service during the energy crisis.

Dash Text is a service that enables sending Dash without the Internet. With this platform the user can send, receive and check the available balance of the wallet by simply sending a text message to a certain phone number. Currently, when a user downloads Dash Wallet and creates an account, he can instantly receive and send funds to anyone anywhere in the world. SMS text-wallets extend this functionality with access to mobile networks, but no Internet.

One user noted that “the replenishment of balance of mobile phones in Venezuela through the banking system is not working due to an outage. However, people can top up the phones of their friends and relatives using Dash Text to keep in touch with their loved ones.”

The situation in Venezuela confirms that centralized payment systems are held hostage to such crisis risks, while digital assets can be used outside of developing countries as a reliable means of payment.

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