Despite big promises of price growth have Tezos (XTZ), it is not marked


For many days the project Tezos was surrounded by rumors about tons of news, allegedly, contributing to the breakthrough of the project in its development, but it remains as chaotic and unpredictable as before.

Despite the numerous news, the hopes for growth Tezos (XTZ) is not fulfilled, the project continues to remain a mystery, and holders of the tokens still are waiting for a price break, and, perhaps, significant growth, after the current depressed levels.

No news lowered prices on XTZ BTC from 31 000 to 25 000 Satoshi for the past week, and even the growth of the stock market did not affect the XTZ tokens that remain at the same level of about us $2.07.

The main objectives of the project remain without attention

The project is still busy with its internal problems, and adding to the list of new exchanges and marketing they have no time. Latest news promotion, relatively long-awaited project is the audit, which will carry Swiss Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC). This adds some positive trends Tezos community, but many of its representatives have noted that the credibility of the project should be built, not on it.

Yet for users possession of XTZ is not so simple as hopes for growth are still very slim. Though there are several purses, they do not all inspire confidence in reliability. Use the Ledger wallet is one of the options achieve the goal of safe storage, although there have Tezos token has its own technical problems.

However, the biggest drawback Tezos is limited exchange opportunities. Adding to the listing Gate.IO, where now the majority of the transactions contributed to the growth of volumes, but the liquidity XTZ remains limited.

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