Dissidents North Korea use the cryptocurrency to overthrow Kim Jong-UN


A group of North Korean dissidents called Cheollima Civil Defense, is working to overthrow the government and its leader, Kim Jong-UN using cryptocurrency, and it also sells papers future of free North Korea. According to the newspaper South China Morning Post, potential citizens can buy one of the first 1000 issued visas for the equivalent of 1 ETH. It should be noted that on the band’s official website Cheollima, does not include the cost of each visa.

A cryptocurrency to support the protest movement

According to unconfirmed reports, the group intends to sell a total of 200,000 visas to collect up to $27 million, selling citizenship papers, registered on the blockchain.

In addition, given that visas can be sold on secondary markets, and there is no limit to the number of documents that may by one person. The higher level documents will be offered to those who wish to purchase rights for commercial activities in the future, after the overthrow of the government in North Korea.

Visas entitle their holder to stay for 45 days in the future the country will create Cheollima Civil Defense, called “Free country”. The first visa will go on sale this Sunday.

The conditionality of the choice of the BTC and ETH

A group of political activists in recent weeks all the more resolutely opposes the North Korean regime. Its representatives have declared about participation in act of vandalism at the Embassy of North Korea in Malaysia and also about the storming of the Embassy in Spain to protest.

The fame of the group brought their participation in the rescue of his son Kim Jong-Nam, poisoned, presumably by order of the North Korean regime, because, according to information received, life, Kim Han-Sol was also under the threat of murder, which is sponsored by the state.

The group has already managed to collect 14 BTC, while donations to ETH more will come from the sale of visas, which will commence early next week. BTC and ETH, the group has chosen not to reveal their identity, because, as stated on their website, the identification of even one team member can jeopardize the lives of all:

“The identification of even one member of the group may lead to the disclosure of others. Some of us have already escaped attempts on his life and the lives of family members. Many of our compatriots and their relatives were not so lucky. And any survivors will be placed in concentration camps, which certainly executed, if it becomes known that the members of their families, there are dissenters”.

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