Distributors of the brand H&M Lighting will take payments in the cryptocurrency


Some distributors of the famous Swedish retail brand Hennes&Mauritz or call H&M, which produces lighting products, now start accepting cryptocurrency as payment.

To do this, they will use cryptocurrency e-Commerce platform Chimpion.

Distributors H&M is engaged in the sale of goods associated with economical lighting such as lamps, lampholders, and electric accessories. At the moment, the platform will accept payments in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Diamond Dash.

Traders and sellers often face difficulties when accepting international payments, which hurts their business, and forcing many foreign clients to refuse orders.

Cryptocurrency has become the best alternative to traditional payments, and it really can be used in cross-border transactions. Thus, the decision in the first place will help you to send cross-border payments without any difficulty.

The increase in the number of cryptomonadales leads to the expansion of Cryptoprotected

Cryptocurrency is really a means to create a universal and global system of Finance that connects people across borders.

Head of distribution Department at H&M, herb Needham said:

“After 20 years in business, we can consider ourselves experts in the field of lighting. Accepting cryptocurrency payments will allow us to expand the number of clients interested in our products, eliminating many of the barriers that previously hindered international trade. In addition, we are interested in the settlement system, which allows you to immediately convert scriptactive in the equivalent of USD”.

This step is a victory for the crypto community, which has always sought greater recognition of scriptaction.

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