Dmitry Medvedev: cryptocephalinae is no longer a priority for Russia


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has refuted any speculation about the imminent adoption of triptoreline in the country once said that the public interest in the new asset class dropped significantly in 2018.

Such thoughts on the issue of cryptocephalinae Medvedev shared at the meeting of the IX International law forum in Saint Petersburg this week. In his opening speech, he stressed that “at present, the popularity of cryptocurrencies has decreased, and regulatory issues are not as relevant.”

However, Medvedev recalled his words, spoken during last year’s meeting at the forum, when he urged regulators at least to define the basic terms of cryptocurrency and the basics of their application for population of Russia. He remains of the view that although public interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have declined to write off the industry too early because she still has a chance to rise.

The growth of the stock market can push for regulation

Russia over the recent period has taken some steps to ensure clarity in the use of cryptocurrencies. After the call of President Vladimir Putin, to the necessity of regulation of the industry until July 2019 were offered steps to define identity verification for cryptomonadales and limit purchases to unqualified investors.

It should be recalled that Russia first began to think about whether to adjust cryptoprotection, when the price of Bitcoins reached a record level of $20 000. Now the stock market has shown a rapid rise since the beginning of the year, in the growth process, reaching values close to the half of its highest level.

Now time will tell whether this growth once again to the revival of public interest in Russia to the cryptocurrency and renewed talk in the government about the need for adequate regulation of the industry.

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