Does delisting BCV on Binance the end of a token, known as Bitcoin SV


On the background of the message Binance, the world’s largest digital asset exchange for delisting of token, known as Bitcoin SV, on the background of the dispute with one of the creators and his threats against individual members of the crypto community, the price of BCV seems to be beginning its decline.

Trading platform, registered in Malta, announced Monday that it gelistirme SV Bitcoin or Satoshi Vision after careful analysis to ensure that all listed on her coins meet the highest standards of the company.

Over the past several years, Wright claimed that he is the man behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Bitcoin, although failed to provide credible evidence of their claims, and those that he used, were denied.

According to CoinMarketCap, another day ago Bitcoin SV was the 12th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of about $1.1 billion. Now its value has fallen by 20% to $57, dropping a coin on the 15th position in the ranking.

Calvin Eyre tries to threaten Binance

Such a collapse could not pass actively supporting Craig Wright, owner, Calvin Ayre, who did not fail to threaten Binance:

“This decision will of course be notified to the Maltese regulators, as is certainly the case when people in trusted positions, abuse the entrusted trust and to play God, by which token gets the highest and market access. In fact, it is market manipulation. The decision to exclude Bitcoin SV, it seems, is based on the fact that they don’t like one scholar, working on the platform. Craig owns BSV does nothing, so it looks very unprofessional. Exchange must just want the volume of trade, not choosing what kind of horses he intends to use in the race, and, as a consequence, it smells like fear and manipulation”.

“In fact, Binance represents 70% of trading volume of BSV. The loss of such sites would be catastrophic for BSV. Moreover, since Binance excludes from the list of BSV, in other markets there are similar grounds in order to follow its example,” said Kyle Samani, co-founder of hedge Fund Multicoin Capital Management from Texas.

Exchange ShapeShift also stated that it would rule out the SV for 48 hours, and Kraken has launched a survey among its customers, whether the exchange is also to remove the coin from the platform. Three hours since the publication of the poll voted by over 28,000 people, and 75% said, “Yes, it’s toxic”.

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