Dutch Bank ABM AMRO has deferred its plans to create a bitcoin wallet


ABM AMRO, one of the leading banks of the Netherlands, is no longer interested in cryptocurrency project for the launch of crypto Wallie, because of the changing nature of innovative asset class. The representative of the press service of the Bank told The Next Web:

“We asked the opinion of many people who previously showed interest, and came to the conclusion that the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies at the moment carries too much risk for our customers.”

Messages about the Bank’s interest in cryptocurrencies appeared in January 2019, after the message on intention to create a wallet to store your Bitcoins. It later emerged that the banking giant is indeed considering launching their own crypto, and even conducts a survey among its 500 largest customers, to assess market demand for this product.

Now, rejecting the idea of launching his cryptoprocta, ABM AMRO has joined other financial institutions that after attempting to enter kriptonyte, soon abandoned these ideas.

Traditional financial institutions and cryptosphere

For example, in August 2018, the financial company Goldman Sachs, according to rumors, had planned to offer Depository services for the storage of Bitcoins. However, later was forced to abandon his plans, for fear of the stringent regulatory measures by the financial sector Supervisory authorities in the USA.

However, not all banks and financial institutions are experiencing uncertainty and fear cryptoprotection. As reported by the publication BTCManager may 6, 2019, the largest wall street firm Fidelity Investments to start to offer Bitcoin trading for institutional investors “in a few weeks.”

While in ABM AMRO claim that they still believe in the Blockchain technology but is not yet interested in the business solutions that support the digital currency.

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