eBay may soon to support the cryptocurrency


At the Consensus conference in new York noticed the banners, Which suggests that eBay is going to get in the cryptocurrency sector, which will be a major breakthrough in the mainstream. This information has not yet received confirmation from eBay, but if that is true, cryptologist may increase by 180 million active customers of the platform.

A recent study has shown that large investors are also planning to join Cryptoprotected if taken adequate regulatory measures. Lately, Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market coming back to normal. However, some investors continue to remain cautious because the steps of the regulators such as SEC in the United States, according to the class of digital assets remains uncertain.

There is a struggle to convince most of the major giants to accept payments in digital currency and to openly support the blockchain. Initially, the majority of these agencies had considered new technologies as a threat to its existence, but gradually they begin to Express interest in the technology of the blockchain. So the fight appears to be developing into a victory blockchain technology.

eBay is among the supporters of the blockchain

Currently, about 1,000 companies and businesses enter into a partnership with blockchain projects in 2019. However, some potential investors remain in the standby mode, hoping that, eventually, the regulators will approve of the Bitcoin and other scriptactive.

Until the approval is not successful, the influx of institutional investors into the market of digital assets will remain limited.

However, one major retail establishment may soon join the world of cryptocurrencies. Some of the pictures published Consensus 2019 in new York, apparently, mean that eBay is looking for partners in industry blockchains. The company has repeatedly mentioned its broad customer base of about 179 million customers and “digital collectibles” in paid advertisements throughout the event.

It seems that eBay joins such companies as IBM, Tata, Microsoft, Deloitte, Citi, Accenture, Federal government of Australia and the AWS-sponsored Consensus 2019. This sponsorship means clear support for the sector of the block chain of many commercial giants, forming a conglomerate of a trillion dollars.

Representatives of PayPal, for example, zavidi that their interest is more related to the technology of the blockchain than to digital currencies. The rumors about the interest of eBay, although not confirmed, is in line with the General mood of this year, aimed at active support of blockchain technology.

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