EOS Alliance is a new authority for network management


An international group, composed of representatives of the community EOS and manufacturers of blocks, was created by EOS Alliance, a kind of focal point for joint decision-making on network management and exchange of information among community members.

Its main purpose, as stated by the representatives of the project is to reveal the potential of the network and promoting the various initiatives within the framework of international discussions on important key issues of the ecosystem, as well as conducting various discussions on important events and promotion of educational programs.

Also the Alliance with responsibilities of monitoring compliance with the Charter by any Executive authority in the management structure of the EOS, and facilitating teams.

Internal structure and responsibilities

The management of EOS Alliance is vested in a Council of seven people that are elected figures and two observers. Representatives of seven of the Board are already known, and that the interim Executive Director will be Thomas Cox, who previously held the position of Vice President Block.one.

In the near future it is planned to create working group on development of the following topics for discussion:

  • the management code (GitHub);
  • dispute resolution and arbitration;
  • listing on the crypto currency exchange;
  • communication;
  • the development and adoption of the Constitution.

During the first six months of EOS Alliance must develop a plan for sustainable development community, ranging from collecting donations, to cover the most important events, issues, membership, content, and trainings. Budget funding for the project is $1 million, which will be stored in the EOS tokens made by private sponsors.

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