EOS Creator Dan Larimer plans to launch a new token


Despite the problems with ambiguous attitude to the project EOS in cryptosuite, Dan Larimer, one of the developers of the EOS, has announced plans to create a new token.

Their plans the developer Block.one shared via Telegram, saying:

“I stress again, I don’t leave EOS or B1. Working on the issues of security and scalability EOS, I came across the new benefits that you can use to potentially create a token and analyzing realized that there is a market for these compromises. EOS is the future of blockchain, the actions of our team aims to make it faster, more reliable, more scalable and flexible.”

Larimer also said the number of advantages that will have a new token, tentatively named MonerEOS. This token will be unchanged, non-programmable and used as currency. And he intends to create something between a cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) and the EOS.

Skepticism from the crypto community

Cryptologist greeted the announcement about the new project with great skepticism, since it’s only been five months after the launch of EOS, and not everything is so smooth. Although the developer is known that easily jumps from project to project, the community is justified doubt as a new project, especially after the recent failures in his past cryptarithmetic.

Just this week the crypto giant Steemit fired more than 70% of its employees due to the sharp fall of the stock market, and its CEO said that the firm was restrukturirovany to optimize the management of the company.

Moreover, in accordance with new research results, EOS is not actually a block chain, since its transactions are not verified cryptographically. In addition, the EOS moderators can change the transaction history online and even to return the previously confirmed transactions.

Larimer even mentioned at some time that decentralization is not the main priority EOS.

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