EOS introduces a new tool to facilitate the development of applications


Team EOS notes that the creation of decentralized applications for the block chain EOSIO should become easier with the use of a new tool – Demux, which will effectively upgrade a database from a core network.

Block.One, the team behind the project EOS, announced today the addition of a new tool for designing open source, called Demux. His goal is to make the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) is much simpler, providing a simple interaction with traditional database management systems.

The practical advantage of Demux is that it allows automated (and proven) way to update events on the blockchain to a database Mongo or Postgres SQL. This will simplify the work with the database as more people use these apps, that will be much cheaper by reducing the necessity of interaction with the main network.

Demux an important role in the development of new applications

According to the EOS, the previous interface was quite limited, which necessitated the use of multiple simple queries instead of one more complex, which is a big problem if the network scalability is a limiting factor.

Although this announcement has not had a significant impact on the price of the EOS, it is worth noting that this is an important technical feature, and, according to its developers, it will be very important in the near future.

Ongoing improvement block network EOSIO is probably the main reason that the Chinese center of information industry development (CCID) was awarded in July first place the project in the ranking for the second consecutive month.

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