Estonia has granted the license blockchain company Ibinex


Estonia provides a license to the vendor software kriptoloji, the company Ibinex. The new Estonian license will allow Ibinex to carry out a wide range of exchange services for traders of the cryptocurrency, including the fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat and cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, the company has been included in the sector of exchange of cryptocurrency as a trading platform registered in the jurisdiction of the EU.

Ibinex is not going to be exchange transactions. The company plans to start to provide services of cryptocurrency wallets, both hot and cold. The company also intends to generate and store a unique security key to its users.

“We are very pleased to be one of the first licensed exchange in accordance with the legislation of Estonia,” said Grunfeld, the General Director of the company Ibinex. In addition, he noted that in the European region there are more regulatory solutions for cryptocurrencies and due to this the progressive positions of cryptomeria can successfully work.”

Crypto-friendly European jurisdiction

Estonia, one of the smallest European countries, such as the size of territory and population, became the first state member of the EU, proposed the establishment of a national cryptocurrency. Recently, Tallinn has abandoned its plans to release Estcoin, after comments by European Central Bank President Mario Draghi that “any state member of the European Union, cannot introduce its own currency”.

However, the government intends to continue the project on a limited scale using Estcoin for transactions in the Estonian community. At this point, in accordance with the ongoing program of the government, was issued ID 35 000 foreign nationals, most of whom come from Finland, Russia and Ukraine.

This and other solutions Estonian officials argue that the country is really a crypto-friendly jurisdiction that wants to open its doors to an increasing number of companies in the cryptocurrency industry. Earlier this month, the authorities of Tallinn issued a license for the provision of services and crypto exchange trading platform Coinmetro.

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