Ethereum grew by 17% and starts to dominate the search engines


During this summer Ethereum has experienced a steady downward trend, even against the background of falling value of Bitcoin had a worse performance. However, the latest 24 hours observed for the stock market in a green and Ethereum is no exception.

To the delight of the crypto community, which lately had many reasons for pessimism in recent days bitcoin has succeeded to break the bearish trend and the value of ETH was increased by more than 17%. Now it costs almost $204.

If Ethereum is not practically dominated the crypto-radar, over recent years the situation has changed quite a bit, and search engines are increasingly began to receive requests from its mention.

Interest in Ethereum has increased among the users

According to published statistics, the number of queries in search engines and discussion of Bitcoin in social networking has declined from 70% to 35%. In contrast, the number of requests from Ethereum has risen from 5 percent in July to 35% today.

Rose and the Ethereum discussion in social networks for September 2018. It can clearly be seen on the example of the Telegram, where the number of threads increased, ranging from about 200 to 1500 chats.

At that time, as search with the word Bitcoin in Google remained approximately at the same level, the number of queries with the word ethereum has increased by 50%.

It may not matter, but clearly highlighted the fact that many people are interested in not just the first cryptocurrency, but ETH.

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