Ethereum has a chance to take away half of the market from Bitcoin?


Over the next five years Bitcoin will lose 50% of its market share and it will be replaced by Ethereum. This bold prediction was made by the company Weiss Ratings, specializing in market research and analysis promotion of the shares to investment funds, banks, insurance companies, credit unions, and now cryptocurrency.

Whether Ethereum will be the favorite?

Rating Agency, running since 1971 and has a pretty solid reputation in the field of investment. They believe that the problem is Bitcoin is “restriction of use as only one option,” therefore, in the next five years, it will likely lose about 50% of its market share, giving way to another favorite – ETH.

The main argument in favor of Ethereum has become much more use than Bitcoin, in addition to the ability to create smart contracts and decentralized apps. According to Weiss Ratings, the ETH has a strong support from its excellent network block, so in this cryptocurrency there are no limits to development.

The problem Bitcoin solved, but…

According to them, while expanding on a regular cryptocurrency market will continue to be UPS and downs, which are a characteristic phenomenon for cryptosphere, Ethereum will continue to grow in the next few years and beyond.

“If the developers of Bitcoin will no longer solve the problems of the scalability and improvement in technology, the blockchain, we can see how it can catch up with Ethereum over the next five years or so when the crypto-market will become even more prevalent.

“Ethereum is already several years ahead of Bitcoin in all but prices, and this gap will become increasingly evident, as more and more investors starting to get interested in cryptocurrency”.

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