Euro Exim Bank announced the successful implementation of technology Ripple xRapid


The head of the operations Department at Euro Exim Bank Graham bright has announced the successful implementation of technology Ripple xRapid and now there is a quality control of the system.

Bright added:

“Euro Exim Bank for a given period of time actively collaborating with the technical team Ripple’s implementation of its system xRapid for the convenience of customers who are interested in money transfers with low cost and high speed delivery and receipt. Using digital asset XRP, the cost of liquidity is minimal, and regardless of the jurisdiction of the recipient the payment of funds is made in local currency, which contributes to the safe transfer of funds”.

It should be noted that the Bank had not reported any data concerning the real transaction, undertaken using the technology xRapid on the basis of XRP.

Promotion of Ripple in the field of banking services

xRapid is a software solution which is designed as a convenient tool for banks and financial institutions for cross-border payments, which allows the use of cryptocurrency XRP, converting its local currency. The entire translation process is very fast and takes only a few minutes.

Euro Exim Bank, based in Saint Lucia, seeks to bring together corporate buyers and sellers to facilitate an effective and efficient export and import of goods with the provision of convenient payment services.

Euro Exim Bank became the first among the banks who have already implemented xRapid, however, brad Garlinghouse, chief Executive officer, Ripple believes that soon, dozens of banks will introduce new technology in 2019.

Other technology cross-border payments from Ripple – xCurrent currently used by over 200 financial institutions and banks. Unlike technology xRapid, xCurrent does not use cryptocurrency XRP.

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