Factom rose after the announcement of the partnership with China Yooya


Factom (FCT) remained one of the most successful altcoins last week, experiencing a growth surge, not affected by the overall downturn of the stock market. Now the price got another boost in the background announced partnerships with online video service Yooya China, reaching the size above $12.

“Yooya intends to use the platform Factom Harmony to solve their blockchain projects, providing a highly transparent, data-centric solutions, without the need to create cumbersome new token without fear of wild price fluctuations, specialized scriptaction, wallets or other overheads,” said a Chinese company.

Factom is one of the rare blockchain projects that receive revenue by providing turnkey solutions for business. Although the FCT token was seen at the time and speculation, especially on futures market Poloniex, the main business of the project remains a viable and expects further growth in revenue in 2019.

The project is able to successfully develop

CEO of Factom, Paul snow, commented:

“Factom was preparing to work with a terrific client, such as Yooya, since its first entrance into the industry of the block chain in 2013. Have Yooya has a reliable business model, which will now take advantage of the distributed books, and the ability to store permanent data for a huge efficiency when working with digital media.”

The market price of the FCT over the past day has increased by 30%, reaching $13,83 and exceeded by 68% than last week. Although FCT is still far from its peak of over $66, reached in January 2018, but a certain growth potential. However, the tokens are not isolated from the General fluctuations of the stock market and the change in BTC, it also has the effect.

However, the products offer business-grade blockchain is an example of real application startup in cryptocore, where most of the blockchain projects did not go beyond the initial stage, not to generate revenue. Factom considered as the project opportunity to actively expand the client base, giving traders reason for optimism.

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