Financial market analyst and a skeptic BTC Marc Faber buys Bitcoins


Marc Faber, a Swiss expert on financial markets and the cryptocurrency sceptic who accurately predicted the stock market crash in 1987, first bought Bitcoins.

Well-known investor noted that, despite the fact that he was always skeptical of the cryptocurrency, he became interested in Bitcoins because they are often compared to gold. Faber noted that he first bought Bitcoin ten days ago, because now BTC is trading much cheaper than in 2018, and more than acceptable.

Tentative steps great skeptic in Cryptoprotected

According to Faber, the readers of his works “Gloom, Doom, Doom” for many years urged him to buy Bitcoins, and he finally decided to do it as a training experiment. In addition, Faber recently met with the entrepreneur-millionaire Vance by Casares, CEO of Xapo is the world’s largest Depository of Bitcoins and CEO of PayPal, which may have also influenced his decision.

Faber continues skeptical of Bitcoin, however, noting: “Not sure, but maybe Bitcoin will eventually become the standard for money transfers”.

As with any investment, Faber emphasizes that by investing in Bitcoin, invest only what you can afford to lose.

Marc Faber has gained a rather controversial reputation as a great skeptic or the collapse of a prophet for his pessimistic view on the financial markets. He accurately predicted the stock market crash in 1987 and its black Monday, and often criticizes the Central banks.

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