Fintech experts predict that 2019 could be the year of cryptocurrency


According to Ben Ritchie, CEO of Digital Capital Management and Fred Šebesta, co-founder Bitcoin will reach 84% growth to the end of 2019, approaching a price of $9500, and the entire current period can be considered the year of cryptocurrency. They predict a slow but steady rise throughout the years until the stock market gets to these indicators.

Perhaps they are not too mistaken in their forecasts and there are a number of reasons. In 2019, the term “regulation of cryptocurrencies” has become a buzzword, and the governments of different countries are actively engaged in this issue. This pushed their legendary rise of cryptocurrency market in 2017, forcing you to pay attention to a phenomenon that has evolved ever since Satoshi Nakamoto published the official document about the world’s first digital currency Bitcoin.

Relevant solutions for the development of Cryptoprotected

Despite the downturn that was experienced in the stock market to 2018, the question of whether, in what direction will move the world of cryptocurrency, is the most relevant. Although no one doubts that digital assets are here to stay, and in this situation it is very important to protect investors from the countless problems plaguing today cryptoglandular.

As a result of thefts, hacks and scams many investors suffered heavy losses, which amounted to millions of dollars. Wild price fluctuation is another risk associated with the investment in digital currency.

Many believe that the introduction of regulatory rules is the only way to counter all these risks. Although the idea is still vigorously debated, however, the current state of the cryptocurrency market leads many to believe that regulation is the only way to protect investors who still remained faithful to cryptocurrencies, due to the ongoing “nuclear crypto-winter”.

Regulation is inevitable?

The question which the debate regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies, is the fact, there are laws for digital currencies to stand up. At the beginning of 2019, we heard lots of news about government organizations seeking to establish regulatory rules of the stock market.

In early January, the Department of banking production in the state of Texas has issued guidance on the regulatory framework for the use of cryptocurrency in accordance with the laws of the state. The government of new York has established a task force to study legal regulation of cryptocurrency and its underlying Blockchain technology.

Although some proponents of cryptography assume that the regulation will hinder the development of the stock market, however, others think that it might just give investors more confidence that it is possible to enter the world of cryptocurrency without the huge risk of collapse of the market that exist now.

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