Firefox reports about the imminent release of a blocker of cryptainer


According to the latest reports, the popular browser Mozilla Firefox is hoping to introduce a new feature in your next release the lock cryptainer. Its aim is an obstacle to the rampant spread of malware related to the mining of cryptocurrencies.

Mozilla recently released their latest version, Firefox 65, where there is a section of blocking content, which has undergone important changes. Now locking content located on the “Settings” tab and provides users with three types of locks: standard, custom and specified standards.

While these functions are not connected by default, so as not to harm the individual web sites, but users can apply the settings and set the security settings, and content locking.

The introduction of new security features

While Mozilla has focused on the gradual introduction of new functions security and privacy. One of them is better protection monitor websites, which is not yet connected automatically. Starting with an upcoming update 67 Firefox, Mozilla will implement the possibility to block malicious mining software by default. This is due to the surge in the spread of malware.

Now update Firefox 67, which should be launched on may 14, the ability to block cryptobinary will be installed by default.

This should help, at least Firefox users, to combat the growing number of malware produced online. It is unknown how effective the lock and follow his example other browsers.

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